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  • What is EOS?
    EOS stands for the Entrepreneurial Operating System, developed by Gino Wickman. EOS is a set of timeless business principles and real-world tools that help entrepreneurs get more of what they want from their businesses. It's not some B-school theory, it's hands-on content that you can use right away. By mastering this simple way of operating, leadership teams of growth-oriented companies systematically and progressively improve. Easier to run and manage, scalable, more profitable. Duguay Consuling Group is a Professional EOS Implementer. Give us a call to find out more.
  • Do you offer a Guarantee for your EOS services?
    Yes we do, and it's simple. If I don't add value, then don't pay me. My focus is on helping first, before I ask for anything in return.
  • Can we implement EOS virtually?
    Ideally we would work together face-to-face in an offsite environment to get your team away from the day-to-day distractions of your business. The good news is, we are successfully helping clients implement EOS 100% virtually with no loss in quality. If you have great environmental controls in place at your office, and local regulations allow it, let's have a conversation about format and potentially meeting in person to determine what is the right solution for you and your team.
  • Why does my buisness need an operating system?
    Every business has an "operating system". In many small companies, the business lives or dies based on the owners individual ability to run everything. The owner manages all issues that come up. If you run a small company with a few employees that's ok. Once a company grows a real operating system is needed. Doing it all yourself becomes just too difficult. An effective operating system like EOS will help you define your vision, including your core values and focus, your long term plans and goals, and your strategy. The system will most importantly determine the right people, and get them in the right seats. The sytem will simplify your processes, determine your key metrics, create an environment where issues are addressed and solved weekly, and everyone in the organization has a strong sense of accountability towards the shared vision.
  • Is EOS for everyone?
    No, the Entrepreneurial Operating System is not for everyone. The system is geared toward entrepreneurial businesses with 10-250 employees, with leadership that is growth-minded, willing to be vulnerable, and more fearful of the status quo than of change.
  • I read Traction, why can't we just implement EOS on our own?"
    You can: All the tools are available online, and some companies self-implement. The clients who use an outside implementer find benefit in: -Having a facilitator -Mastering the tools and system quicker -Being held more accountable because there's an outside party to the leadership team -Making hard decisions -Countering a natural tendency to avoid conflict and procrastinate -Keeping leadership teams on track and focused -Balancing power on leadership teams (e.g., owners vs. non-owners) -Helping solve issues instead of kicking them down the road -Giving a more objective view of issues and situations
  • We have a strategic plan already. Isn't EOS just more of the same?
    EOS is about execution and implementation of strategy, not in depth strategic planning per se. In our experinece, the best strategic plan doesn't add value if it sits on a shelf and doesn't result in changed behavior and improved outcomes. EOS is about accountability, discipline and getting better results.
  • What are EOS tools?
    EOS is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get more of what they want from their businesses. By mastering this simple way of operating, leadership teams of growth-oriented companies systematically and permanently improve.
  • How can I learn more about EOS?
    That's easy, just contact us to schedule a quick 15 minute conversation. We will talk about your business situation and how EOS can help your business. If you decide you'd like to learn more, we can set up a free 90-Minute Meeting with your leadership team. EOS isn't always a fit for everyone. I encourage you to make an informed decision. After the 90 Minute Meeting, you may find it's not a fit or maybe just not right now, and that's okay. There is no obligation other than for both of us to learn a little about each other and the system. We bring a help first attitude.
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