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We work with business owners who are ready to challenge their status quo.

We have a passion for high performing boards. We bring experience, certification and a fiduciary commitment to board service. Our goal: have a positive impact on the organization.

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Your Success is our success

Every organization defines success differently, and that's good.
What's one key  to success? Being clear about your vision and getting everyone bought into where you are going and how you are going to get there. 

Our focus is your success. Our goal is the team executing that vision with discipline and accountability.
When we started the company, we built it using our core values to guide us. They are our foundation, our reason WHY:
  • Safety: Everyone goes home safe, every day

  • Quality: Do it right the first time, everytime

  • Excellence: Be built to last

Duguay Consulting Group

Fitting the pieces together to help organizations get stronger

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